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Final Degree Show

me + sculpture2orange sideface side close up (2)ear me 2clay lips 3big lips me 2all the teeth 2lips meteeth and nose

My collection of work for my Final Degree Show.

This collection of work has evolved from a series of 2D hand embroidered portraits to a hand felted and embroidered bust charting my development from a teenager to an adult. I developed my work into 3D variations of the portraits using felt and clay to create sculptural pieces. I used this technique for both the large bust and the small pieces of jewellery. I have taken elements from the bust to create the jewellery.


Hi, I am Charly

CHARLY - WIN_20150519_161510 WIN_20150109_201507

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I am a final year contemporary applied arts student based outside London. I specialize in a combination of wet felting and needle felting combined with hand embroidery.

I am currently in the process of creating my final collection for my degree show and for the first week of new designers. This collection is going to consist of a series of felted and embroidered busts and a small selection of miniature pieces as jewelry.